Frequently Asked Questions


When do I use SummitSync?

Before the event: Users are able to sign into events beginning up to 30 days prior to the event. Use this as an opportunity to connect, interact, and arrange to meet fellow attendees at the upcoming event.

During the event: Have fun! Engage with the people you’ve synced with as well as those you haven’t! Having trouble finding someone you’ve synced with? Use the in app messaging to locate each other, but don’t be that girl or guy who’s glued to their phone!

After the event: The event remains open on SummitSync for 72 hours after the event and the in app messaging service remains available even after the event has closed. The event is over, but the connection is not. Use SummitSync to follow up with the people you met, or to connect with those you missed the chance to talk to.

Why do I have to sign in using my phone number?

SummitSync wants to make sure your account is safe and secure, and we think your phone number is the best way to keep it that way. It is a unique value we know you're not sharing, and since we're a mobile app, it's fair to assume you have one if you're making connections with us!

Finding an Event or Group

Is SummitSync just for events?

No way! SummitSync supports groups, as well. We offer groups like industries (San Francisco Tech), Internal Networking for large organizations, alumni and business school networks, and more. With our groups you can discover new connections at any time.

After I join a group or event, how do I go back to swipe on more users?

Once you have selected an event or group under the "Search" tab on your navigation and selected "Join" on the ensuing modal, you'll be able to find that event under the "Swiping" tab, which is the icon on your navigation bar that looks like a deck of cards. All the events and groups you have joined will be listed here, and, when selected, will show you the next Profile Card in the deck for that event.


Will other people know which way I swiped on them?

No, it’s completely anonymous. Users will only know which way another user swiped on them if both users swiped right on each other, creating a connection. Therefore both people expressed the same interest and your connection starts on equal footing.

Why can't I see the users I expressed an interest in meeting?

Well, you see, part of the beauty of SummitSync is that we only make introductions between mutually interested parties. It's called double opt-in, and it's all the rage. If you have swiped right on another user and they swiped left on you... well, that's a drag; but keep swiping and you'll surely meet someone with whom you're even likelier to collaborate. Besides, that means no one can hassle you to get a meeting or sell you something you're not looking to buy, either.

Besides, that user you swiped right on and haven't heard from probably hasn't checked their app in a couple days. Or maybe their phone fell in a puddle, or something.


I got a notification that I matched with another user. Now what?

You'll find all the users you have matched with under the Messaging tab of your navigation bar. Now that you have matched, you can message them within the app, add them to your Salesforce account, or invite them to a meeting.

They swiped right on you, too, which means they're interested in having a conversation. Say hello!

How do I delete a connection I no longer want?

On your messaging screen, where your matches are listed, find the person with whom you would no longer like to network and swipe left on their name. A button will appear for you to delete the match. Once you do, that user will no longer be able to contact you.

Need to Chat?

If you’re having an issue, you can email us at

If you want us to add your event or organization to our app, just fill out the form below.