Maximize your ROE (Return on Events)

The event intelligence platform for smarter meetings at every event

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Know Which Events Your Prospects Are Attending

Our intelligence platform identifies which events and conferences your prospects are attending, so you can focus your event marketing budget on events you know drive the highest return.

Smarter Meetings Drive Revenue

Smarter meetings at events start with knowing who is going and who you should send. SummitSync's platform helps you shake the right hands at the right events.

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Simplify Meeting Management with CRM and Marketing Automation Integrations

The best use of your sales and marketing teams isn’t manual data entry. SummitSync’s meeting scheduler saves your team time by automatically updating your CRM and marketing automation platforms with meeting data from every event, letting them focus on building relationships and driving revenue.

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CRM Integrations
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Generate Relevant Handshakes

Discover new prospects and schedule higher quality meetings. Then, you can track the results and quantify the return on your event investment — all from a single, user friendly interface.

Measure Your Event Marketing Impact

SummitSync's platform makes it easy to measure the return on the events you attend and sponsor, without manual work.

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SummitSync and Microsoft have visions of rethinking the way businesses run. We’re doing it in different ways, but we have the same mission, which has created a wonderful partnership opportunity.

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