About SummitSync

SummitSync was designed to help enterprises measure and maximize their return on event investment as attendees, hosts, and sponsors.

Corporate tourism is big business.

Each year, $300B is spent on attending, hosting, or sponsoring industry shows and events, marking events the single largest line item on the most B2B budgets.

SummitSync is an intergrated events platform that helps enterprises get more out of every event dollar by boosting sales and marketing productivity. With SummitSync's platform you can identify prospects, nurture leads, and measure the ROI of event sponsorship and attendance in just a few clicks.

Identify the best prospects to meet with

Schedule and manage meeting

Seamless CRM & Marketing Automation integration to track opportunities and ensure follow-up

Measure Return on Event (ROE) and optimize future investment

The Core Team

John Corrigan

Founder, CEO

Al Torres

Founder, COO

Justin Musterman

Founder, CTO

Colin Hauck

Director of User Experience

​Kathryn Kosmides

Director of Marketing & Growth

Daniel Ruland

Senior Account Executive

Daniel Gardner

Senior Product Manager


If you are a member of the media and have questions about SummitSync or would like to talk about our products, please email media@summitsync.com.

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